Our Story – Itzlussa

Our Story

                                            At Itzlussa, our designs come straight from minds of experienced designers and the latest trends at the fashion houses around the world. Our heroes are classic but fashion forward. We are innovators not copiers and we push the envelope. We believe in being bold, courageous, strategic and fresh.

The clothing created by Itzlussa is designed to effortlessly capture femininity and sensuality in pure simplicity. The design is light, airy and comfortable, appealing to the minimalist, who welcomes a touch of elegance only in her wardrobe.

No season is off limits with our mix-and-match tops, bottoms, and outer jackets. Our revolutionary i-Size system makes it easy to personalize your wardrobe while guaranteeing a comfortable fit, and the features like zippered pockets and adjustable hoods will keep you looking cool for every adventure.